Steven Saxby

We can win here - together

Below is the content of the speech I delivered at the CLP hustings on Tuesday 23rd January.

Hello everyone. I’m Steven Saxby.

Thanks to all for being here and for all the support I’ve received from across the membership.

From my experience of every part of this constituency: from speaking at meetings, helping on street stalls, and knocking on doors, I know this is a seat we can win for Labour.

I know I have the experience to win votes from Tory voters and those switched off by politics. This is a seat the Tories have taken for granted. Mark Field has taken us for granted. It’s a place where the privileged few are very comfortable, but it’s also a place where a great many struggle.


We suffer from an NHS facing devastating cuts that only a Labour Government can heal.

We suffer through our housing crisis.

With rising rents, threats to tenancies and threats of demolition of social housing - including on Ebury Bridge and Golden Lane estates.

The many struggle here with poor-air quality and children and elderly people on low incomes who suffer most.

From Marylebone High Street to Vauxhall Bridge Rd our air quality levels are some of the worst in Europe-

I know what it means to struggle.

I had three jobs at 17 to get me through my A-levels, and was only able to go to university because my degree was fully funded by the state. My struggles led me to life time of campaigning.

On Apartheid, on homelessness, for peace,

I’ve spent 30 years building and winning campaigns –

I’ve campaigned here and won on housing and the Living Wage

and on bringing Syrian families to settle here in London.

This is why I standing - because I know I can win us this seat and deliver a Labour government with Jeremy Corbyn as our Prime Minister.

I know I’m the candidate who can win with you here, because local people – disengaged with politics – want a representative they can actually relate to.

Someone who understands the issues facing the majority because those are the issues they have faced, too.

Like many here - I don't own property, and I've also experienced housing insecurity and homelessness.

Like you - I’m one of the 6 million Londoners who pays rip-off transport fares.

I've never had a high paid job or run a business, but I’ve spent my time as a union rep campaigning for a fairer deal for all workers.

Only 62.8% of the electorate voted here in the last general election.

And do you know how many on the council housing estates voted? 30%.

People are switched off with no trust in politicians and you know what? The Tories are happy to keep it that way.

But it’s our duty to give people hope.

We've got to show that our manifesto will transform people’s lives.

We can do that on the doorstep and through developing Labour campaigns on the issues affecting them.

I know how to represent people in the communities. For 20 years I've served people doing case-work, lobbying Ministers, or attending hearings.

I've founded and run advice services for young people, migrants and those affected by Tory cuts to benefits.

That's why I want to be your candidate -  not because I am a career politician or want a career change - but because I am desperate to see change for people hit hard by failed austerity.

We’ll win change by building Labour campaigns on clean air,

On defending public services,

And on solving the housing crisis

We’ll win change by winning over those who feel the impact of Conservatives in the NHS, on Brexit, on running the economy only for the richest few.

We’ll win Just like we did when I campaigned across the river in Battersea with Marsha last summer, and like as we did in Kensington– where we turned those Tory majorities into Labour seats.

So vote Steve Saxby and we’ll continue to make history together.

I have had enough of helping to plaster up the cracks of our broken society

I want change - structural change. I want a government that delivers change and that's why I want to put my energy into winning this seat for Labour & being part of a government for the many.

We’ll engage people who have been let down by austerity.

We’ll win over Tory and other votes,

We will knock on every door taking no vote for granted.,


We’ll win here as we did in Battersea and Kensington.

Just imagine our joy when we overturn that 3000 majority here by campaigning together and send the Tories packing.

If selected, I’ll continue to be on the doorstop from day one, supporting our council candidates for Labour control of Westminster City Council.

We will do it when we do it together.

So please vote Saxby, Steven – 1 -

We can deliver a Labour victory here – together . Thank you.

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